Hyundai & Kia to pay record $100M penalty for GHG conformity violations & lose $200M+ in emission credits
Rice University researchers create dual-purpose edge-oriented MoS2 film for energy storage, hydrogen catalysis

US sales of BMW i3 EV average almost 5% of BMW car sales, 3.9% of BMW brand sales over last three months

US sales of BMW’s battery-electric i3 (earlier post) have averaged almost 5% (4.93%) of BMW US passenger car sales over the past three months, and 3.85% of all BMW brand sales in that country. Deliveries of the i3 began in May, with 336 units. Sales proceeded approximately at that level for the next two months (June, 358; July, 363), then shot up to 1,025 in August; 1,022 units in September, and 1,159 units in October.

Data: BMW monthly sales reports. Click to enlarge.

In October, the i3 outsold the 1/2 Series (672 units); the Z4 (198 units); and the 6 Series (740 units). The 3/4 Series is still dominant in US sales, with 13,621 units in October, followed by the 5 Series, with 4,914 units.

Combined light truck sales (X3, X4, X5 and X6) were 5,341 units for the month, with the X5 (3,355 units) in the top spot.



They'll probably shoot down again now, with $3 gasoline.

Even at $3, the monthly savings for driving electric is about $115. $16k over 10 years. Add to that a superior driving experience (better torque, more responsive, no engine noise, vibration) and the satisfaction of being part of the solution, and the BMW i3 is a very appealing choice. Put solar on your roof and just laugh when oil prices shoot back up again.

People are starting to figure it out.


Until you have to pay road taxes on electricity and the cost of replacing the battery pack.


The Saudi's reluctance to curtail production probably does not have much or anything to do with electric cars taking market share this time round, however if electric cars or hydrogen cars are to succeed it seems there will be an inevitable showdown between oil producers and electric car producers. At that point in time governments will be forced to choose between the two because if the world is successful in reducing C02 from burning petroleum this will likely result in oversupply of oil. Unless someone comes up with a definitive study that says anthro CO2 does not cause global warming it seems likely that governments will be forced to implement policies that favor renewable sources even if the low cost oil producers are willing to sell at highly competetive prices.


The Saudis are lowering oil prices for U.S. customers trying to counteract North Dakota oil. It will not work, but at least for a while people can enjoy $3 gasoline...for a short while.


cutting oil prices will probably be more effective in stimulating demand than stifling competition. That being said I'm sure investment in oil sands projects is being rethunk. The frackers on the other hand may go away but they'll come back quickly, leaner, meaner and smarter when the prices recover.



Good analysis, I have seen reports that fracked fields do not last as long as they would like. If that is the case they will have to drill more and frack more, you can reach diminishing returns quickly.

It was also said that gas frackers continue even though prices are low due to easy money from QE. Easy money not only drives up the price of over priced stocks, but makes the frackers do irrational stuff.


The Saudi's may be reading economic reports on stranded assets, and they don't want those to be in Saudi Arabia. We may be reaching a tipping point where oil producers need cash flow from sales now and cannot depend on sales rising in the future, so they are not holding out for a better price.


One more thing. Russia and Iran will continue to sell all they can, even if it is at a loss, because they need the income now to sustain their governments.


Low oil prices will hurt Russia, Iran, Canada, other oil exporters and Oil firms the most and that's what USA/EU wants.

EU, Japan, China, India, USA and most other oil importing nations will benefit the most from lower oil prices.

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