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Celgard and Panasonic sign letter of intent to develop next-gen Lithium-ion battery separator

Polypore International, Inc.’s Celgard, LLC subsidiary and Panasonic Corporation have signed a letter of intent to work together in the development of coated and uncoated Celgard brand separators to meet Panasonic’s requirements for next-generation cylindrical battery cell production for various applications globally. Upon successful completion of this development effort, the parties expect to enter into a long term supply agreement.

Celgard’s current battery separators are polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), or trilayer PP/PE/PP electrolytic separator membranes. They provide a barrier between the anode and the cathode while enabling the exchange of lithium ions from one side of the battery to the other.

We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work closely with an industry leader such as Panasonic on this development initiative and to further solidify our partnership with them. It demonstrates the commitment of both of our companies to improve lithium-ion battery technology and meet ever-increasing demands in high performance applications.

—Robert B. Toth, President and CEO of Polypore

We are taking this step because we know Polypore is the leader in developing and manufacturing highly-functioning lithium-ion battery separators. Polypore will be a valuable partner because they are capable of meeting technology and capacity needs in support of Panasonic’s future growth globally.

—Dr. Munemasa Ikoma, Senior Executive Engineer, of Panasonic AIS Company


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