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Visteon awarded 1st production program for Fusion platform; launch expected in 2018

Visteon Corporation has been awarded the first production program for its Fusion connected platform by a leading European-based vehicle manufacturer. The vehicle line is expected to launch in 2018. Fusion “fuses” traditional driver information, infotainment and Cloud connectivity into one connected platform, offering drivers and passengers a seamless human machine interaction (HMI) experience. This product takes multiple, independent graphics streams and composites them to provide the appropriate level of information to the driver and passenger.


Visteon’s first-to-market platform allows multiple systems to run side-by-side in a virtual environment on a scalable hardware solution that is capable of incorporating multiple operating systems and extended graphics. Fusion:

  • Integrates multiple systems (e.g. HUD, TCU, infotainment) into one system, reducing complexity

  • Offers “Tablet Quality” graphics

  • Using a single next generation chip (Visteon design collaboration), can incorporate 16 unique processors

  • Enables Visteon to run multiple operating systems in the same box (QNX, Linux, Android, HTML5, etc.)

  • Provides the ability to update, maintain, enhance, download and control the system by the cloud

  • Prepares the vehicle infrastructure for assisted / autonomous driving

For the driver, Fusion combines multiple levels of information into one system for the first time, including vehicle-related and safety-critical information such as speed or warning signals, as well as personal information from the Cloud.

The Fusion connected platform was presented with the first-prize innovation award at a European automotive suppliers gala ceremony in Brussels, Belgium, on 7 October. The program was organized by the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA), the German trade publication Automobil Produktion and Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA), the German automotive industry organization.


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