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Air Force tests all plug-in vehicle fleet in California; part of large DoD V2G project

A fleet of plug-in electric vehicles sits ready to roll at Los Angeles Air Force Base in El Segundo, California. (US Air Force photo by Sarah Corrice/RELEASED.) Click to enlarge.

The Air Force unveiled the Department of Defense’s first non-tactical vehicle fleet composed entirely of plug-in electric vehicles at Los Angeles Air Force Base today. The 42-vehicle fleet marks a milestone in partnership between federal, state and private energy organizations, as well as in DoD’s demonstration of emerging vehicle-to-grid technology.

The PEV fleet includes both electric and hybrid vehicles ranging from sedans to trucks and a 12-passenger van. California energy providers and regulators worked closely with the Air Force on safety and performance testing as well as technical and regulatory aspects of launching the vehicles.

The vehicles have the capability to direct power both to and from the electrical grid when they’re not being driven. Unique charging stations have been installed on LA AFB to support the vehicles’ V2G capability.

Click to enlarge.

The V2G technology enables the vehicles to provide more than 700 kW of power to the grid, sufficient power for more than 140 American homes. They also enhance the power grid’s reliability and security by balancing demand against supply without having to use reserves or standby generators.

DoD V2G. The V2G project at LAAFB is one of 5 V2G project locations for the larger DoD V2G project, which also includes Joint Base and Army installations. The Air Force plans to expand the V2G demonstration next to Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, and Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey. The service will also continue to look for additional capabilities, such as utilizing used batteries as a form of on-base energy storage, as well as pursuing additional opportunities to expand its existing partnerships.

V2G charging station. Click to enlarge.

DoD is deliberately targeting different electrical grid territories, different base sizes, different climates and different vehicle requirements.

V2G vehicle types include the Nissan LEAF, Phoenix Shuttle Bus, EVI Stake Bed and Box Trucks, EVAOS pickups (Ford F-150, -250 and -350), and VIA vans.

Charging station types include:

  • The Princeton Power System V2G DC charging station (Nissan LEAF using CHAdeMO)

  • Coritech DC (V2G using SAE Combo)

  • Coritech AC (using SAE)

  • AeroVironment AC charging station (non-V2G)

  • Eaton AC (non-V2G)

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The Air Force?

Must be that they have too much money left over after buying a bunch of F35s?

Apparently that budget sequestration should be repeated.


This V2G is exactly what the doctor ordered not just for the military but to strengthen the fixed grid and bring serious portable generation(hybrid) storage and regulation.

I see the potential for an increasing percentage of the grid to be improved or reliant with this means.

I await the expansion and development of V2G - sooner the better.

I will definitely be an early adopter as there would be substantial economic savings to temporary or intermittent use requirements.

Portable wall sockets for welders/farmers trades persons public address, concerts, gatherings etc at a fraction of the added expenses we are faced with presently.

I can see why some would be worried.

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