DOE reports progress on development of low-carbon and renewable sources of hydrogen production
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Siemens and LG Chem plan closer collaboration on battery storage systems

Siemens and LG Chem have agreed to collaborate more closely on project development and marketing of industrial battery storage systems, and have signed a memorandum of understanding to this effect.

Siemens will supply the converters and controller for the joint storage solutions and also handle the project planning and implementation as well as the integration of the storage systems into distribution grids and microgrids. LG Chem will supply the batteries and the battery management system. The two companies have agreed upon accelerating energy storage solution (ESS) market dominance by collaborating on several major ESS projects over the next years.

LG Chem and Siemens have already been working together successfully for a number of years on lithium-ion-based energy storage systems. Technologies from both companies are in use in a number of international projects. For example, Siemens supplied a Siestorage battery storage system to Vulkan Energiewirtschaft Oderbrücke GmbH (VEO). The storage system ensures black start capability of the gas turbines in the Eisenhüttenstadt power plant. The blast furnace gas-fired power plant supplies the steel mill of ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt GmbH (AMEH) with electricity and heat in the event of failure of the local distribution network. Lithium-ion batteries from LG Chem are installed in the storage system.



Im more hopeful on hydrogen technology than battery, I feel that It can be improved and implemented to everything from synthetic fuels and cars and also trucks. If they discover an efficient way to electrolyze water than we never gonna run out of non-polluting hydrogen for synthetic fuels and hydrogen cars and trucks. It's silly to think that we can charge batteries because they are too costly and bulky. It will cost 10x to store the energy in batteries instead of almost unlimited hydrogen. siemens is on the wrong way.

Also hydrogen can be store in secondary tanks for ice engines cars and truck and can be mix with gasoline or diesel combustion. There is no limits with hydrogen.

In winter it can heat homes without any pollution.

actually solar and wind are not stored and this is a lack of needed technology. I will be glad to harness and use and store energy while im sleeping or watching tv instead of paying costly gasoline or electric bills.


gor, or GOG, We do not have to hope or wish for batteries to work, they work.

Bob Wallace

gor, I'm posting this comment right now from solar stored in batteries.


In the cases of solar panels, battery storage and electric cars, we are trading fossil fuels for hardware. It takes fossil fuels to make the hardware, which could be THE best use for fossil fuels.

Bob Wallace

It used to take fossil fuels to manufacture the hardware.

We now have enough wind and solar on our grids to produce all the energy used annually to manufacture wind turbines and solar panels. In a few more years we'll cover car manufacturing as well, if we haven't already.

We've boot-strapped renewables using fossil fuels. And now we're busy replacing them. (Won't happen overnight, but Rome wasn't....)


If we did, industry would not need coal nor natural gas, but that is NOT the case and you know it.

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