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Ricardo delivers latest TorqStor flywheel energy storage unit to DDflyTrain project

Ricardo has delivered the latest generation of its award-winning TorqStor high speed flywheel energy storage technology to digital hydraulics specialist Artemis Intelligent Power Ltd. for use on the DDflyTrain research project, aiming to demonstrate the effectiveness of flywheel energy storage on diesel multiple unit (DMU) trains.

The latest generation of the TorqStor can be integrated into mechanical, electrical or an advanced hydraulic transmission system, providing a modular energy storage solution that scales seamlessly from 250KJ to 4MJ to support a wide variety of applications without the cost of multiple variants. Artemis is collaborating with rail technology expert Bombardier Transportation and Ricardo on the Innovate UK-funded DDflyTrain project.

TorqStor differentiates itself from other flywheel designs with its unique permanent vacuum, saving both cost and weight. This is made possible by its advanced magnetic gear system that enables the transmission of torque across a vacuum without the limitation of rotating seals or necessity for vacuum pumps.




A purely mechanical approach with all it's potential failures?

Improved supercaps-batteries should be able to do as good if not better in the near term?

Henry Gibson

The magnetic gearing of the flywheel is very innovative and many on this site are encouraged to understand its operations and its implications. It can be converted to electronic operation with only magnetic cores and windings plus the electronics to drive them. The device can have a wide range of energy and cost variances depending upon the fiber used. Relatively cheap, long life, high energy, low power DURATHON or ZEBRA Batteries could be used in vehicles with these flywheels for acceleration and braking. Even solid steel wheels could be used for low energy cheap units. Innovative bearings have been designed that, if used, would allow these flywheels to have an operating life of centuries. ..HG..

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