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Brazil’s fuels regulator, ANP, has cleared the way for the commercialization in Brazil of Amyris renewable jet fuel in blends of up to 10%. A recent study by Brazilian researchers evaluating the lifecycle GHG emissions of the farnesane-based renewable fuel concluded that it presents “a substantial potential” to mitigate the GHG emissions of the aviation sector. That paper is published in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology. (Earlier post.)

In the ES&T study base case, the researchers calculated a “rather optimistic” GHG footprint of 8.5g CO2eq/MJ; lifecycle emissions of fossil jet fuel usually lie within the 80−95g CO2eq/MJ range. However, they noted, the estimation is highly uncertain, with a number of factors—especially related to electricity exports, sugar cane farming itself, and agrochemicals production and use—significantly affect the outcome. The results of the Monte Carlo analysis indicate life cycle emissions of 21 ± 11 g CO2eq/MJ (mean ± SD), with substantial influence from the LUC factor.

Building on the revised ASTM International standard for aviation turbine fuel approved in June, Brazil’s ANP last week removed the last regulatory hurdle for the use of our renewable jet fuel in Brazil. We meet the most rigorous performance requirements in the aviation industry and are now commercializing our product in Brazil as well as around the world.

The airline industry continues to experience strong growth and, while current low oil prices may provide a short-lived respite, the impact of carbon pollution is undeniable. Amyris and its partners are contributing to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions with our renewable fuel. We are pleased that leading airlines, such as Air France, Lufthansa and KLM are, or will soon be, flying with a blend of our renewable jet fuel.

—John Melo, President & CEO of Amyris


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