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Fujitsu launches hydrogen station data management service to support spread of fuel-cell vehicles

In conjunction with the start of sales of Toyota’s Mirai fuel cell vehicle in Japan (earlier post), Fujitsu launched a hydrogen station data management service, the first in Japan, enabling people to access real-time information on the location and hours of operation of hydrogen stations, both stationary and mobile.

The service uses the Fujitsu Intelligent Society Solution SPATIOWL cloud service to integrate information on the location of hydrogen stations and operating hours input by registered hydrogen suppliers. Information on the hydrogen stations is then transmitted in real time by car companies, through their data centers, to the car navigation systems and smartphones of fuel-cell vehicle users.

For the Mirai fuel-cell vehicle and the hydrogen station application, for example, Toyota is providing a special application, Hydrogen Station List, for the navigation system included in its T-Connect Data Communication Module (DCM) package, as well as a “Pocket Mirai” smartphone application.

The service is intended to help people with fuel-cell vehicles drive with greater peace of mind and contribute to a greater level of convenience with fuel-cell vehicles, encouraging their broader use.

To meet the needs of drivers, Fujitsu plans to continue developing the service to in line with the needs of car makers and hydrogen suppliers, and aims to make driving fuel-cell vehicles and using hydrogen stations more convenient and wide-spread.

Fujitsu envisions that there will be growing demand for hydrogen stations, both in Japan and around the world. Two types of hydrogen stations are expected: fixed locations or mobile units. Conveying the information on the location of these stations and their hours of operation, both managed in an integrated form, enables convenience for the user.


SPATIOWL. Fujitsu launched SPATIOWL in June 2011 in and outside of Japan as a cloud service that uses location data to provide new forms of added value. As a separate example, Fujitsu recently announced it had started providing SPATIOWL services to PT. Marga Utama Nusantara, a toll road management company in the Republic of Indonesia. The SPATIOWL probe traffic information service implemented by PT. Marga Utama Nusantara, which can be inexpensively installed on a smartphone, collects probe data such as vehicle location, time and speed, and generates and accumulates traffic information, such as congestion conditions and their duration.

SPATIOWL consists of two different service types: a platform-provisioning service and task-oriented services. The platform-provisioning service uses probe data collected from moving vehicles and vast amounts of location data gathered from various sensors. This diverse assortment of data is analyzed in real-time and delivered through cloud computing as a functional group that is linked with external data. This enables, for example, corporate and other group customers to develop unique services that employ location-based data to create new value, such as those for reporting traffic information in real-time, those that facilitate urban planning, and the delivery of new services to local residents.

The task-oriented services, specialized services that offer data collected by Fujitsu, with analysis, and adaptation for specific purposes will be offered in a menu of immediately available services that include traffic information and routing support services for commercial vehicles. It provides probe data access services that comprise traffic provision and information data service and routing condition analysis service. In addition to urban management services, it also provides telematics services that consist of moving information service, Commercial Vehicle Telematics Service, and voice processing service.



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