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Lomiko Metals investing in startup commercializing graphene supercapacitor technology

Lomiko Metals Inc., a company focused on the exploration and development of minerals for the “new green economy”, will invest in a new graphene-related venture, Graphene Energy Storage Devices (Graphene ESD). In December 2013, Lomiko reported on a successful conclusion to Phase I of its Graphene Supercapacitor Project which involved Graphene Laboratories and Stony Brook University. Graphene ESD has been formed to commercialize the technology and bring the graphene-based energy storage devices to market.

The prototype of the supercapacitor was made using graphene composite material prepared using a proprietary technology developed at Graphene Labs. The measured specific capacitance of the prototype was found to be around 500 Farad per gram of the material.

The quality of the Reduced Graphene Oxide (RGO) electrodes allows expansion of the operating voltage window up to 4 Volts, allowing an increase in the energy density of the supercapacitor. The device achieved this performance due to the high specific surface area as well as high electrical conductivity of the graphene produced from graphite material from the Quatre Milles Graphite Project in Québec, the partners said at the time.

Graphene ESD Corp. intends to develop low-cost graphene-based supercapacitor devices that will be capable of even higher discharge currents. The development will focus on large-scale devices that are projected to have the lowest cost of power and stored energy in its class.

As reported December 4, 2013, the Phase I Graphene Supercapacitor project yielded encouraging results. Graphene ESD Corp. will build on the success of this project and will be developing a graphene-based supercapacitor. The device is designed as a versatile energy storage solution for electronics, electric vehicles and electric grid.

—A. Paul Gill, CEO of Lomiko Metals



If the price is right, these improved graphene super-capacitors could be very useful as power grid stabilizers and very quick charge city e-buses, garbage trucks etc.

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