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Teijin opens second production line for LIELSORT separators for Li-ion batteries

Teijin Limited is opening the second production line for LIELSORT, an innovative separator for lithium-ion secondary batteries (LIBs) to meet the increasing market demands. (Earlier post.) Operations will begin on 24 December.

Teijin produces two types of LIELSORT separators. One is a polyethylene-based material coated with the highly heat-resistant meta-aramid Teijinconex; the other is coated with a highly electrode-adhesive, oxidation-resistant fluorine-based compound. Teijin Lielsort Korea Co., Ltd produces both types, which are sold by Teijin Electronics Korea Co., Ltd, a wholly owned sales company for LIELSORT separators.

The new production line will double the LIELSORT production capacity to respond to the expanding demand for coated separators. LIELSORT is used widely in globally bestselling smartphones and tablets. The line will also accelerate the development of a new type of LIELSORT that Teijin is currently working on to achieve both higher heat resistance and adhesion for improved LIB safety.

Teijin utilized its expertise in polymeric chemistry to develop the first technology for simultaneously coating both sides of LIELSORT. It also developed a high-speed coating technology that is five times faster than conventional coating. Both technologies enable more efficient production.

Teijin, which is working to establish LIELSORT as the de facto standard for next-generation LIB specifications, targets LIELSORT sales revenue of ¥2 billion (US$16.9 million) by 2020.



This could be another mini-step to reduce battery cost?

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