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Blossman Services Inc. (BSI), a subsidiary of Blossman Gas, Inc., earlier this year announced a new joint venture in the US with BL Energie USA to develop, certify, market and sell diesel displacement systems utilizing the Prins Dieselblend technology for heavy-duty class 7 & 8 trucks.

The Dieselblend system makes it possible to convert diesel engines to dual-fuel engines by means of replacing a certain quantity of diesel by LPG, CNG or LNG. The system is installed beside the original motor management system, and in principle it is suitable for all diesel engines (as from Euro 3). The system communicates (read only) with the ECU via CAN-bus to ensure fully computer-controlled injection of the correct amount of LPG, CNG or LNG, depending on the specific characteristics of the diesel engine.

Keystone Automotive Operations, an LKQ Company, has been operating a vehicle on the US distributed Prins Dieselblend system since January 2014. Since the vehicle was placed into service with this technology, it has traveled more than 60,000 miles throughout the Northeast US and Canada.

Substitution levels of propane to diesel have averaged around 21%; however depending on load we have seen levels as high as 50%. The most interesting part of the program is that we have seen the actual substitution to be 1:1, or simply put, one gallon of propane takes the place of 1 gallon of diesel. And with nearly a $2 per gallon differential in the price of the fuels, the payback is very real.

—Anthony Diveronica, Keystone’s Service Manager


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