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In the UK, ITM Power, a manufacturer of integrated hydrogen energy solutions, secured a second commercial contract from AMEC Foster Wheeler plc and National Grid plc to create the business case for widespread deployment of Power-to-Gas energy storage technology to reduce the energy losses in the gas network.

This second follow-on project will build on the Phase 1 Technical Feasibility and identify specific sites on the gas network where Power-to-Gas can be most advantageously deployed. AMEC, a tier 1 supplier to National Grid will lead the project and continue to provide a third-party assessment of the benefits.

Shortly before that announcement, ITM Power had also announced the sale of a rapid response PEM Power-to-Gas electrolyzer system to RWE Deutschland AG.

The electrolyzer system is one of ITM Power’s CE-marked HGas platforms, which has been widely demonstrated in a Power-to-Gas installation in Frankfurt. The system incorporates PEM stacks operating under differential pressure. The HGas system has the ability to self-pressurize, operate via remote control, and modulate rapidly in response to demand.

The system is packaged in a 20-foot ISO container for use outdoors. ITM Power will be supplying the plant with a two-year warranty and ITM Power is supplying a three year after sales support contract.

This deployment will use a higher current density permitting a higher hydrogen output per stack. System efficiency is also increased by simplification of the balance of plant.


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