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eInfochips, a leading Product Engineering Services company, announced the availability of a new System on Module (SoM) and related engineering services. When connected to a car’s telemetry system that collects data about the car and the environment, the system module’s thermal camera can detect the presence of children in the vehicle.

In addition to that, a sensor on the system module can detect increase in the levels of carbon monoxide (CO). If a child or pet is found on board and CO levels exceed specified thresholds, a car alarm will be activated, and alerts are sent to an emergency list including the car owner, family and 911.

The core of this new class of vehicle safety systems is the SoM designed by eInfochips based on the i.MX 6 series applications processor. Samples of the SoM are now available to developers.

We are focusing on transforming Freescale i.mx6 technologies into advanced telemetry and infotainment solutions. The SoM based on the i.MX 6 series is designed, so that retrofitted and integrated products can get to market faster, and improve safety for automobiles.

—Parag Mehta, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at eInfochips

The SoM is also available for other embedded applications in Internet-of-Things, Home Automation, Medical Devices, Vending Machines, and Industrial Control.

The SoM based on the i.MX 6 series applications processor is a product of the eInfochips IdeaLab. The IdeaLab serves those who see a market, and have a product idea, but don’t have the expertise or resources to address the opportunity. For technology novices, the IdeaLab process emphasizes easy-to-understand feedback at each step of the design process. For product experts, the IdeaLab advanced design team stands ready to push the limits of the latest silicon, system and software design technology.


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