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Enerpulse Technologies secured an OEM purchase agreement from Raider Outboards for its Nano-Plasma Assisted Combustion (n-PAC) spark plugs. (Earlier post.) Raider Outboards was awarded a contract by the Department of Defense to provide marine engines that must run efficiently on multiple battlefield fuels.

Enerpulse designed an application-specific n-PAC spark plug for Raider Outboards that features the same patented capacitor found in its Pulstar spark plug line and uses materials designed to hold up in rough, saltwater conditions, including complete submersion.

We were up against some pretty big names in the marine power industry. One of the primary reasons we were awarded this contract was our ability to efficiently light and burn the JP-8 fuel using Enerpulse’s n-PAC spark plugs.

—Chris Woodruff, director of Raider Outboards

Enerpulse says that its n-PAC technology is the first practical and cost-effective method of capturing the well-known benefits of plasma to create consistent, faster and more efficient combustion, even with lean air-fuel ratios.

Our spark plug uses an integrated parallel capacitor to create a powerful pulse of energy that forms a non-equilibrium energy dense plasma-field. This plasma assists combustion by molecularly exciting the fuel mixture, making it easier to ignite and burning it more efficiently.

—Lou Camilli, chief technology officer for Enerpulse Technologies


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