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SmartHome Ventures integrates Zubie connected vehicle service into PEQ home automation ecosystem

SmartHome Ventures, the provider of the PEQ connected-home service, has integrated the Zubie connected vehicle service into the ecosystem of devices that work with PEQ. Beginning next month, PEQ users will have the ability to monitor their home and car from anywhere all on the PEQ mobile app, making PEQ the first home automation service to link the car and the home.

With PEQ, we’re focused on helping the everyday consumer connect more intelligently and intuitively with their home. And with more consumers now demanding connectivity features in their next vehicle, it’s only natural to connect the home and the car.

—Ted Schremp, CEO of SmartHome Ventures

The Zubie system, like PEQ, is a subscription service accessible via an app. Where PEQ relies upon home devices (motion monitor, thermostat, etc.), Zubie uses a widget plugged in to the car’s OBD port to access vehicle information.

Integrating Zubie with PEQ will allow users to keep tabs on their car’s location, health and safety information as well as to monitor their home right from the PEQ mobile app. This spring, PEQ subscribers will also be able to create rules that trigger actions through their PEQ system when Zubie signals their vehicle is approaching home. For example, a car pulling into the driveway will be able to open the garage door, unlock doors to the house and turn lights on. Alternately, in the morning when PEQ subscribers leave home in their car, the front door will lock and PEQ's smart thermostat will turn down the temperature.

The connected-car and connected-home markets are both at exciting stages. Integration with PEQ brings these two together and allows us to move beyond the connected car and connected home and into the connected life.

—Tim Kelly, CEO of Zubie

PEQ gives consumers a customized view of their home through a single, user-friendly app. In addition to being able to monitor and manage the home from a smartphone, tablet or PC, consumers can create rules that personalize their service, making it simple to tell devices when to turn on or off, how to interact with each other, and when and how to contact the family via e-mail or text message.


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