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Spider9, a 2011 spin-out from the University of Michigan, announced a technology licensing agreement with Samsung Electronics (“Samsung”) for use of Spider9’s proprietary Energy Operating System (OSE) technology. (Earlier post.) The agreement opens the door for the first application of OSE technology outside of the stationary energy storage market.

Spider9’s patented OSE technology improves the reliability, useful life, and commercial value of battery systems used for stationary energy storage applications. To date, the company has developed full-system energy storage solutions to be deployed for renewable energy integration, electricity cost reduction, power quality enhancement, and other applications at residential, commercial and utility scales.

OSE allows us to reduce the lifetime costs of battery-based storage by up to 40%. We see this agreement with Samsung as validation that our technology has real and far-reaching value to the battery market, both inside and outside of the stationary energy markets.

—Spider9 CEO Glynne Townsend

OSE is a software and control system featuring nine core characteristics:

  • Reconfigure. OSE adapts to changing system status, environmental conditions and customer demand by reconfiguring electrical architecture in real time to ensure the system is always performing at its peak.

  • Integrate. Spider9 combines all energy generation, storage and power conditioning components into a single optimized system featuring one user interface and point of control.

  • Predict. OSE uses its data analytics capabilities in combination with utility electricity rates, past load requirements, forecasted solar or wind availability and scheduled building or equipment usage to ensure that electricity is drawn from the lowest-cost source.

  • Balance. OSE dynamically balances each cell within a storage element during every charge cycle to reduce system stress and allow more energy to be extracted from every cell.

  • Save. Spider9 systems feature lower up-front costs and improved performance as compared to competing systems, last years longer and cost less to operate and maintain.

  • Store. Spider9’s energy storage capabilities increase the flexibility, reliability and value of renewable energy systems. A single Spider9 system can provide renewables firming, extensive zero-voltage ride-through, ramp rate control, voltage and frequency regulation, backup power for critical applications and off-grid (or islanded) operation, all for approximately 50% lower lifetime costs as compared to leading competitors. Energy Vaults offer a key advantage by delivering 20-50% more usable energy than competing systems with the same nameplate capacity (i.e. a 7.2 kWh Energy Vault delivers 6.0 kWh of usable energy compared to 4.3 kWh for a typical competing system).

  • Alert. Spider9’s energy systems all feature an automatic notification system that alerts operators if a component fails or operating conditions are beyond normal ranges. Each alert contains detailed information about the nature of the issue, its exact location within the system and whether the system operator should take immediate action or save money by waiting until the next scheduled site visit.

  • Isolate. The OSE automatically isolates compromised components, allowing up to 95% of the system to operate as normal while preventing a fault from propagating and damaging additional components.

  • Report. The data collected by the OSE is stored off-site on the secure Spider9 Cloud, where our data analytics software identifies long-term system performance trends. Customers receive summary reports indicating how much money they have saved with their system, how each component has been performing, whether any components need to be serviced or replaced and whether customers could save additional money by expanding their system with additional energy generation or storage.

The foundational technology behind OSE was originally developed at the University of Michigan’s Real-Time Computing Laboratory. Spider9 has maintained exclusive rights to this technology and has independently led its development and commercialization. The new license agreement provides Samsung with access to the foundational technology and rights to its use in selective markets.


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