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Westport Innovations receives EPA certification for natural gas Transit van

Westport Innovations has received certification from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its 2015 Ford Transit Van. As Ford’s largest qualified vehicle modifier (QVM), Westport is offering the 2015 Ford Transit Van as a dedicated compressed natural gas (CNG) Westport WiNG Power System vehicle. Westport expects California Air Resources Board (CARB) certification in early 2015.

Ford announced earlier this week that in December 2014, the Transit Van had its best monthly performance since being introduced in 2014, with 10,030 units.

Used to transport passengers and cargo, the 2015 Ford Transit Van model offers a 3.7L gaseous prep engine. The existing Ford warranty remains intact, and is matched by the Westport warranty for all like components. Westport has conducted all the same safety testing required for all Ford original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products.


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