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Crazy Diamond Performance offering dedicated CNG vehicle and refueling package

Crazy Diamond Performance Inc. (CDP) is now offering BRC FuelMaker residential and commercial fueling compressed natural gas (CNG) products, when ordered in conjunction with its advanced dedicated CNG vehicle retrofit systems. CDP is offering a package of an EPA certified 2015 mono-fuel CNG Cruze LS (earlier post) and a BRC FuelMaker Phill refueling compressor for $27,559, for a limited time.

We are very excited to be the first Small Volume Manufacturer to offer an EPA certified vehicle, retrofit, and refueling station in one step. One of CDP’s priorities is to see the rapid and widespread adoption of CNG vehicles, both for fleets and for individuals. Offering the vehicle, retro-fit and fuel appliance at the same time reduces costs and complexity while ordering. This makes the decision much easier for fleets who are concerned about purchasing and using a dedicated CNG vehicle, in locations where CNG fueling isn’t readily available.

—Kevin Fern (President CDP)

CDP recalibrates the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Engine Control module (ECM) for CNG operation. CDP’s integrated diagnostics module, monitors and reports for failures and/or leaks of the CNG fuel system through the OEM ECM. CDP has a combined 35 years of alternative fuel vehicle engineering and retro-fit experience. A 2015 Dedicated CNG Chevrolet Trax is coming soon from CDP.


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