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Amyris to enter the industrial cleaning products market; renewable Myralene solvent for auto parts

Amyris has developed a renewable solvent produced from plant sugars. The Myralene solvent is derived from Amyris’ renewable hydrocarbon building block, farnesene. The company has now announced that it will launch the first industrial cleaning products containing its Myralene renewable solvents through US AutoForce and US Lubricants, divisions of US Venture, Inc.

This planned partnership will enable Amyris’ renewable industrial cleaning products to gain visibility and access to more than 35,000 automotive aftermarket and industrial outlets served by US Venture divisions.

Amyris says that Myralene sustainably-sourced, VOC-exempt solvents provide a favorable viscosity profile, superior degreasing power, excellent thermal and hydrolytic stability, low odor, no color, and ready biodegradability.


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