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The production and sales of plug-in vehicles in China boomed last year, according to statistics from CAAM (China Association of Automobile Manufacturers).

Total production reached 78,499 units, 3.5 times the number in 2013. Among the total, 48,605 units were battery electric vehicles (BEV) (62%) and 29,894 units were plug-in hybrids (PHEV) (38%)—2.4 times and 8.1 times the numbers of 2013.

As for the sales, the total volume reached 74,763 units, 3.2 times from a year earlier. Of those, 45,048 units were BEVs (60%) and 29,715 units were PHEVs (40%)— 2.1 times and 8.8 times the amounts in 2013.

CAAM also reported that while in 2014, the sales of Chinese brand passenger cars increased by 4.1% over the prior year, market share decreased by 2.1 percentage points. Specifically, the sales for Chinese brand cars were down 17.4%, with a decrease of 5.6 percentage points in market share.

In contrast, sales of Chinese brand SUV enjoyed growth both in sales and market share, increasing by 50.4% and 4.1 percentage points respectively over the previous year.



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