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UQM expands into fuel cell market, acquires fuel cell compressor business from Roush

Motor and controller company UQM Technologies Inc. will expand directly into the fuel cell business by taking over the fuel cell compressor module business from Roush Performance Products. These compressor modules are an integral component of hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles.

UQM will now manufacture the complete compressor modules for Roush’s current customer base as well as for new customers. UQM had previously built components for these modules.

Roush offered two modules:

  • The R340 E-Charging System designed for light-duty automotive applications for up to 75kW stacks.

  • The R410 E-Charging System designed for medium-duty automotive and commercial bus (coach) applications for up to 150kW stacks.

Each ROUSH E-Charging System features Eaton Corporation’s 6th generation TVS, 4-lobed involute profile rotors with 160 ̊ helical twist in its superchargers (compressors).

Roush made a strategic decision to exit this business, but wanted to ensure that its customers would have a high quality, stable supply source for future purchases and approached UQM to be the on-going supplier of these products. UQM will commence manufacturing the fuel cell compressors no later than 15 May 2015.


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