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Ioxus launches new ultracap module series for easier design and installation; under the hood for automotive

Ultracapacitor maker Ioxus has launched its iMOD X-Series, a family of 22 modules that makes the design and installation at the system level extremely easy for the end-customer. The architecture of the iMOD X-Series will be the framework for future Ioxus energy storage technologies across its ultracapacitor systems.

The X-Series was initially introduced in April 2014 during a soft launch of the product’s Alpha design. (Earlier post.) The production launch of the iMOD X-Series simplifies system design and installation for the end-user by offering customers a wide array of possible mounting configurations. This level of flexibility is made possible by the design of the iMOD X-Series’ core technology. Built modularly to maximize quality and value, the core includes integrated wire management systems to ensure proper wire location, integrated heat sinks, and unmatched 5,000 VAC hi-pot.

The i-MOD X-Series features an integrated heat sink to improve heat dissipation, improving life and reliability. The fins were optimized with several variables, including surface area; mass; and fin width. The result is the largest surface area possible to fit in size constraints while minimizing mass.

Combined with the high-temperature capabilities of the Titan cell, the new modules can easily be mounted under the hood for automotive applications such as start/stop support.

Using off-the-shelf T-slots to mount from any side in any configuration, the new modules are configuration agnostic. All custom options are add-ons to the base design, and can be upgraded at any time.

The modules features internally integrated wire management. Thermally conductive, electrically isolating material is used for mechanical and electrical purposes. All modules have front facing terminals; there areno wires crossing from front to back. Source: Ioxus. Click to enlarge.

The module cores are built in a modular, highly repeatable way; variations are made in the ways customers can mount/configure the modules. Variations can include monitoring, and communications choices.

The iMOD X-Series is very easy to install. It is easy to go under the hood with the Titan cell (earlier post). We use thermally conductive, electrically isolated material to get the heat out of the cells very efficiently. The finned housing helps.

—Chad Hall, co-founder and VP of product management at Ioxus

The iMOD X-Series line includes advanced monitoring and communications choices, making CAN communications available on all X-Series products to help the end-user accurately monitor vital statics. Advanced features of the iMOD X-Series include:

  • Configurability: Configurable T-Slot mounting for flexible voltage configuration to meet virtually all customer requirements, creating orientation-agnostic mounting with infinite flexibility and no customer hardware requirements.

  • 5000 VAC Hi-pot: Up to 2,000 VDC applicability depending on specific industry standards.

  • Modularity: Flexibility to serve and optimize applications that are currently underserved, such as the UPS, power quality and light rail markets, at competitive price points.

  • Upgradability: All monitoring, balancing and CAN communications are mounted outside the module, making for easy maintenance and upgrades. Retrofitting is possible, allowing the customer to decide to add CAN communications at a later date, or even switch from analog monitoring to digital monitoring, in the field.

  • Integrated Heat Sink: Significant improvements in heating and cooling dissipation, which improves life and reliability.

  • Durability: Highest shock and vibration rating in the industry: ISO 16750-3 Table 12 & 14.

  • Environmental protection: IP-67 (submersion up to 1 meter) rated for all modules in the family as a standard feature.

  • “Off-the-shelf development”: Customers can now right-size the product to their application without having to pay for a new design or wait for the design cycle. There are 22 different modules available, using three popular cell ratings that provide ultimate flexibility.

  • Reliability: Using the Ioxus high-temperature Titan Cell (earlier post), with its electrochemical stability, extreme thermal management, best balancing, and optional communications, the iMOD X-Series is built for long-term reliability.

  • Future Proof: The iMOD X-Series can be upgraded with the latest chemistries as they are developed and released by Ioxus, allowing for higher voltage and increased energy to be used in the existing X-Series modules.

  • Easy Installation: Front facing terminals for minimized cable or bus bar length and movement, which reduce or eliminate upkeep and design time. Removing cables that cross front-to-back in the design allows for easy and safe maintenance of the system.

Customers order modules by voltage and capacitance. Three different ultracap cells are available: 1200F, 2000F and 3000 F. The modules build off of a six cell configuration (2x3, so no cell is thermally isolated); e.g., 6 cells for 16V, 12 cells for 32V, and so on.

Each 6 pack is laser welded to the previous six cells; there is no bus bar.

The modules are chemistry agnostic; if we come out with a new technology, a higher energy technology, we can put that in there and maintain the exact footprint.

—Chad Hall



I always love to hear about improvements on any aspect of ultracaps. But isn't it about time we heard of a "go to market" with some of the advances we've been hearing about on capacity/energy density over the last few years?


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