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Extensive materials genome modeling study suggests best adsosrbent materials for natural gas storage already designed; 70% of ARPA-E target

Connecticut selects Allison hybrid-equipped buses for new rapid transit system

Connecticut has selected Allison Hybrid-equipped buses for the state’s new bus-only expressway system, CTfastrak. The new fleet of 48 hybrid diesel-electric buses will include 30-foot Gillig buses to provide neighborhood circulator service and 40-foot New Flyer buses to operate connector routes. The main line service will be operated with 60-foot articulated Nova buses.

Scheduled to begin operations in late March, CTfastrak will provide a one-seat, no transfer ride to many major regional employers, shopping and healthcare destinations across central Connecticut. The new buses will feature GPS tracking for riders to monitor bus locations, LED lighting and free Wi-Fi service.

Commissioner James Redeker of the Connecticut Department of Transportation believes the new bus service should double the current bus ridership to more than 16,000 daily riders within 15 years.

Since being introduced in 2003, Allison Hybrid H 40/50 EP equipped buses have traveled more than 550 million miles (885 million km). They have saved an estimated 29 million gallons of fuel and eliminated more than 290,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide.



Articulated 60-foot buses can reduce the largest operation expense (the drivers) by up to 50%.

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