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Alstom to supply two H3 hybrid shunting locomotives for Audi

Alstom will supply two H3 hybrid shunting locomotives for Audi’s freight transport. The automotive manufacturer will use the shunting locomotives to reorganize its factory traffic in Ingolstadt. The locomotives will be delivered at the end of 2015 and the end of 2016.


The three-axle H3 hybrid locomotive consumes up to 50% less fuel than conventional shunting locomotives and cuts pollutant emissions by up to 70%. Noise emissions are also significantly reduced.

The size and performance of the locomotives are perfectly tailored to our requirements. Whereas the old traction vehicles consume over 20 liters of fuel per hour, the generator of the hybrid locomotive, which is needed only to charge the battery block, requires a maximum of nine liters per hour.

—Johann Schmid, Operations Manager for Audi’s industrial railroad at Ingolstadt

The powertrain consists of a 350 kW diesel generator and a 350 kW NiCd battery. The diesel generator meets the requirements of exhaust gas standard stage IIIB1. Depending on the application, the H3 hybrid locomotive will spend between 50% and 75% of its service time in battery mode. The H3 locomotive can operate safely at speeds up to 100 km/h (62 mph) whereas most shunters in this class are designed to run at 80 km/h (50 mph) maximum. This higher speed enables easy integration into the traffic flow for mainline services or when transiting between sites.

In addition, the hydraulic steering axle and the length of the platform make it possible to manage a 60m curve radius. The high traction of 240 kN brings better adhesion to start in curves as well as the possibility to tow more wagons.

Alstom is pleased to count Audi amongst our H3 customers, after Deutsche Bahn and Volkswagen. The benefits of our newly developed shunting locomotive platform are multiple: the H3 is environmentally friendly, compact and powerful in terms of tractive force on starting. On top, the innovative hybrid traction allows to reduce energy cost significantly.

—Ralf Materzok, Managing Director in charge of locomotive services at Alstom in Germany.


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