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UQM Technologies, Inc. has entered a business relationship with Power Plaza Co. Ltd., a South Korean electric vehicle manufacturer, to provide PowerPhase Pro 100 electric motor and controller systems for the rapidly growing Korean 1-ton truck EV market.

Power Plaza is working with the Seoul city government and other key partners on a program to convert 1-ton diesel trucks—which are the primary commercial truck used in Seoul—to electric vehicles.

Power Plaza 1-ton electric truck. Click to enlarge.

Current specifications for the 1-ton electric truck include a 32 kWh battery pack and a range of approximately 100 km (62 miles), along with a 40 kW max power, 162 N·m max torque motor.

The Power Phase 100 unit offers 100 kW peak, 60 kW continuous motor power and 300 N·m peak torque.

Power Plaza will launch the pilot program for the high-performance version using UQM PowerPhase electric motors and controllers in 2015 after initial homologation. One of the key partners in the program is the South Korean conglomerate CJ which has a total fleet of 18,000 1-ton vehicles used for short-haul delivery, and is evaluating electrifying a portion of their fleet.

UQM will co-exhibit with Power Plaza at the Global EVS28 Electric Vehicle Show in Seoul in May, 2015.



Will certainly become one of the favorite delivery truck when new 2X o 3X batteries and 2X to 3X range become availasble?

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