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French Government to award up to €10,000 to drivers to switch from older diesels to plug-ins

French Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy Ségolène Royal announced that the government would award up to €10,000 (US$11,315) to individuals to switch from older diesel cars (13 years and older) to plug-in hybrids or battery-electric vehicles.

This bonus is cumulative with the environmental bonus that been extended since 1 January 2015. The conversion premium is for individuals.

Type of vehicle acquired Environmental bonus Conversion bonus Total public aid
Electric vehicle €6,300 €3,700 €10,000
Plug-in hybrid €4,000 €2,500 €6,500

In addition, the government will provide a €500 premium for the replacement of a diesel vehicle over 13-years-old with a Euro 6 class of vehicle emitting less than 110 gCO2/km.



It isn't much of a deal - it only applies to 13 year old diesels.
If they had a graduated offer for various classes of Euo 2 3 4 5 diesels, it would have more effect.
If they want to clean up the air in Paris, they need to think bugger than this - such as defining an "urban pollution metric" of NOx, Co2, particulates, etc and using this to drive the taxation bands.
Then, you could give bonuses for moving from an X band (very bad) to a Y band (very good).
The terms in the metric would depend on the effect required - if it is urban pollution, you would use one set, if it is global warning you use another.
But you should end up with a single metric and a guarantee to use it for at least 10 years.
Then, people and companies can plan for the future.

An obsession with Co2 only has got Europe into the pickle it is in with too many diesels in urban areas, they need a broader measure of pollution.


Sorry, "need to think bigger than this"

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Thomas Pedersen


I basically agree with you. I bet the politicians were keen on sending a message as well as getting rid of the worst smokers while keeping the cost of the programme in the millions and not billions of €.

I completely agree that one-sided focus on CO2 has led to terrible air in many major cities in Europe. In Paris the drivers really like to 'gun it', while is something EVs do much better than diesels.

Would it be too bad for large European cities to mandate (on individual basis) hybrid vehicles for buses and taxis? I am sure the Germans would rave at the thought, especially Mercedes, which is quite popular as Taxis in some countries, but lacks a serious hybrid program.

From what I have heard (not much), experience with Prius as taxi has been quite positive.


Replacing older diesel cars with a mix of: over 100 mpg PHEVs, 60 mpg HEVs and BEVs and e-city buses could fix air pollution within a few years.

A €10,000 subsidy for small cars and proportionally more for larger VUS and delivery trucks would do it?

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