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Leading automotive battery charger manufacturer CTEK Corporation has entered a technology and patent license agreement with wireless power transfer technology company WiTricity, enabling CTEK to commercialize WiTricity’s patented technology to create high performance, efficient wireless charging systems for a wide range of battery charging and battery conditioning applications in various automotive and powersports applications.

By providing a flexible and efficient method of wireless power transfer, CTEK will begin to develop a line of products that will bring a new level of convenience and ease to battery charging. Future applications should make it possible for drivers to simply park over a contact patch in their garage or parking spot, leaving the battery to charge in their absence. Owners who have vehicles for occasional use, such as classic cars or powersports machines that only come out at the weekend, could also take advantage of such a device.

Among the many potential uses for this new technology, emergency vehicles could be among the first to benefit, CTEK sugested. First responders need their vehicles to start first time, every time, maintaining electrical systems while the vehicle is parked.

CTEK SWEDEN AB develops and manufactures battery chargers for all types of lead-acid and lithium batteries for both private and professional use. Since its founding, CTEK has sold more than 6.2 million battery chargers in 70 countries around the world. CTEK is a trusted supplier to many of the world’s most respected car and motorcycle manufacturers, and has won more than 15 different independent battery charger awards since 2005.

CTEK is always looking for ways to make its products even easier to use. It currently offers simple one-button operation, easy-to-connect terminals, battery charge indicators and non-reversible connectors. The next step in this development will be wireless power transfer using magnetic resonance, initiating a new era in automotive battery charging.

WiTricity’s technology is based on sharply resonant strong coupling, and is able to transfer power efficiently even when the distances between the power source and capture device are several times the size of the devices themselves.

WiTricity’s technology is a non-radiative mode of energy transfer, relying instead on the magnetic near field. WiTricity proprietary source and device units are specially designed magnetic resonators that efficiently transfer power over large distances via the magnetic near-field. The magnetic field can wrap around a conductive obstacle between the power source and the capture device.

CTEK is a world leader in designing charging systems for a wide range of applications, and has a number of technologies to complement WiTricity’s cutting edge wireless power transfer technology. In addition to its worldwide reach in consumer markets, CTEK is well positioned within Europe to work with WiTricity in providing a variety of customized battery charging solutions for industrial and transportation applications.

—WiTricity CEO Alex Gruzen



It's not that this system is not working but the problem is that there is too many different way to recharge a car and there is no compatibility between these different way. There is supercharger, chademo, sae combo, level 2 with wiring, 110 volt and now this wireless norm. If you park in the street at night you will never be able to own a bev because you won't find enouph fast chargers near home that are compatible and on the road. If ever there is just one norm that is adopted and spread everywhere than you won't have a problem going everywhere anytime.

This entire green market is unfortunately just a big fraud mess with bad products, bad regulations, fraudulent subsidies, costly fraudulent researchs, . the only goal is more money for them paid by the government to this scientific/ess community.

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