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ITM Power delivers 2nd-generation Power-to-Gas electrolyzer system

ITM Power delivered the rapid response Power-to-Gas PEM electrolyzer system sold to RWE Deutschland AG within 10 weeks of receiving the order. RWE will use the unit in its Power-to-Gas demonstration plant in Ibbenbüren. The unit is the first second-generation Power-to-Gas ITM Power PEM electrolyzer system, and uses a higher current density, permitting higher hydrogen output per stack.

The system efficiency is also increased by simplification of the balance of plant. The system incorporates the very first deployment of the new AEG advanced power conversion electronics, the benefits of which include: ultra-high power factor, rapid response time and higher efficiency over full operating range.

Having already completed factory acceptance testing, this is the third rapid response Power-to-Gas energy storage system installed by ITM Power in Germany. The concept of the Power-to-Gas system is to convert excess renewable energy to hydrogen gas for subsequent use.

RWE will be injecting hydrogen into the gas network as part of their Power-to-Gas installation and evaluating the very fast electrolyzer system response and exploring its exploitation in grid balancing. The Ibbenbüren plant is expected to go into operation in the first half of this year.



Using excess renewable and Nuke e-energy to produce H2 and mix it to NG distribution system is a smart way to increase the total RE production, spe ially where NG is imported and price is high.

Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, Japan, S-Korea and many other countries could do the same?

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