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Saft to provide Li-ion SLI batteries fo Hawkei tactical vehicles

Saft was selected by Thales Australia to deliver Li-ion battery systems that have the potential to power up to 1,300 Hawkei military tactical vehicles. The Saft Li-ion battery system features an advanced, lightweight design within the dimensions of a traditional lead-acid battery, enabling easy integration into the vehicle. The system will power starting, lights, ignition and silent watch capabilities for the Hawkei vehicle.


Saft will begin deliveries of advanced Li-ion batteries for use in prototype vehicles in the first quarter of 2015 and, upon success, will extend to a follow-on contract for further vehicles early in the third quarter of 2015. Saft noted that the order signals the growing adoption of Li-ion technology for use in high-power military vehicle applications.

The Hawkei represents the next-generation in protected mobility for defense forces that are challenged by Improvised Explosive Devices, mines or small arms ambushes. It is highly mobile, armed and light. The helicopter-deployable unit fulfills a number of operational roles and takes advantage of its small size to move stealthily, remain hidden and provide levels of coverage and safety critical to military use. It is equipped with weapons and systems that provide enhanced situational awareness and lethality for a vehicle of this size and weight.

Saft’s long-life solution meets mission objectives to achieve higher, more compact power and energy efficiency—enabling fewer battery replacements and reducing lifecycle costs.


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