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Novelis, the world leader in automotive aluminum sheet, and Henkel Adhesive Technologies today signed a long-term agreement to collaborate on the development of advanced bonding technologies for the use of aluminum in high-volume vehicles. The first product to launch as a result of this partnership is BONDERITE M-NT 8453, the latest evolution in aluminum surface pre-treatments, providing a cost-effective adhesive bonding system for demanding vehicle requirements.

BONDERITE M-NT 8453 is a chrome-free conversion coating that improves the adhesion and durability of bonded joints in vehicle structures as well as paint finishes on exterior components. BONDERITE M-NT 8453 can be applied using all of the most popular application methods, including immersion, spray coating and roll coating. This flexibility makes it a highly versatile and efficient solution for high-volume applications.

BONDERITE M-NT 8453 is designed to outperform other available pre-treatments in its compatibility with the new thermal treatment processes being introduced by automakers to achieve elevated levels of strength from aluminum alloys. BONDERITE M-NT 8453 will be made available by Henkel across the globe, with no licensing or royalty requirements.

BONDERITE M-NT 8453 was jointly developed by scientists at Henkel’s Madison Heights, Michigan facility and at the Novelis Global Research and Technology Center in Kennesaw, Georgia. The product is commercially available today and is currently being qualified with several global automakers. BONDERITE M-NT 8453 is initially being manufactured at Henkel’s Warren, Michigan, plant.


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