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BorgWarner adds new production line in China for EGR valves

BorgWarner is expanding capacity in Ningbo, China, with a new production line for its latest exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves. The new line will meet increasing customer demand through localized production; BorgWarner expects to supply its latest EGR technology to a large Chinese automaker beginning in May 2015.

Engineered to reduce NOx emissions for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, BorgWarner’s advanced EGR valves deliver precise and responsive control, higher operating pressures and flow rates, excellent sealing and corrosion resistance.

BorgWarner’s latest EGR valve features an advanced compact actuator with a DC motor to deliver high torque, fast response and reliable operation. Integrated sensors provide feedback to a closed-loop control system, positioning the valve to precisely control recirculated exhaust gas.

Compared with previous technologies, BorgWarner’s latest EGR valve delivers higher actuation force, greater flow capability and more flexible mounting orientations. For improved heat and corrosion resistance, the main components of the EGR valve are constructed from stainless steel.


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