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Shenzhen Senior Technology licenses LG Chem SRS Li-ion battery separator technology

China-based Shenzhen Senior Technology, a manufacturer of microporous separators, has licensed LG Chem’s Safety Reinforced Separator (SRS) technology. Under the agreement, Senior has gained rights to use the SRS technology, which uses a ceramic coating on separator substrates to improve thermal deformation resistance and mechanical strength. (Earlier post.)

The ceramic coating helps prevent short-circuits inside lithium-ion batteries. LG Chem introduced its SRS in 2006, and emphasized its high thermal stability and excellent hardness compared to conventional polyolefin separators. Its next generation of SRS technology reduced the required coating thickness by 20%, reducing binder content by 50% while increasing the loading of ceramic particles by 20%.

The license of LG’s technology boosts Senior’s presence on the lithium-ion battery materials market, as well as enhancing its process as a leading manufacturer of high-performance coating-type separator films, said LG Chem spokesman Woo Byeong-min.

Senior is the second company using LG’s SRS technology after the LG Group’s chemical affiliate signed a similar deal with UBE Maxell in May last year. LG Chem’s SRS technology was patented in Korea in 2007, followed by the United States, China, Europe and Japan.



Thousands of patents are delaying and stopping the arrival of superior EV batteries.

A shorter 8 to 10 years protection period or a limit of 0.1% to 0.2% of the added value of the end product could help.

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