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Cal Energy Commission and Dutch province to collaborate on transportation energy projects

The California Energy Commission and the Province of Noord-Holland of the Netherlands will exchange information and collaborate on innovative transportation energy projects that further their respective 2050 greenhouse gas reduction and clean energy goals.

Peter van Deventer, Diplomatic Liaison and Director of Coast to Coast e-Mobility, on behalf of the Province of Noord-Holland, and Janea A. Scott, lead commissioner on transportation for the California Energy Commission, signed the agreement in a formal ceremony at the Energy Commission’s Business Meeting held in Sacramento.

Under the agreement, the two governments will exchange information and work together on identifying successful and economical models for electric vehicle charging infrastructure, including charging solutions for multi-unit dwellings; integrating renewable energy with transportation infrastructure such as SolaRoad, a Netherlands project that will convert sunlight on roads into electricity; and zero-carbon-emission public transportation concepts.

Coast to Coast e-Mobility is a public-private partnership that promotes knowledge and innovation exchange between the US and Dutch governments and universities.

The agreement arose after a meeting between Commissioner Scott and Vice-Governor Post held in October 2014.


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