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California-based Propel Fuels has launched Diesel HPR (High Performance Renewable) at its retail stations. Diesel HPR contains 98.5% Neste Oil’s NEXBTL renewable diesel and is available at 18 locations across Northern California in Sacramento, San Jose, East Bay, Redwood City and Fresno.

Diesel HPR is a low-carbon renewable fuel that meets national and California diesel specifications for use in diesel engines while realizing the benefits of better performance, and lower emissions. The fuel does not contain any traditional biodiesel.

Diesel HPR is designated as ASTM D-975, the standard for all ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel in the US, and is recognized as “CARB diesel” by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Diesel HPR provides significant reduction in harmful tailpipe emissions, NOx emissions and particulates (PM).

According to the US Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center, renewable diesel’s high combustion quality results in similar or better vehicle performance compared to conventional diesel.

Neste Oil filed five applications for low carbon fuel pathways for its NEXBTL renewable diesel with the CARB (earlier post), using different feedstocks at its Singapore plant: used cooking oil (gutter oil); Southeast Asian rendered fish oil; New Zealand tallow; North American tallow; and Australian tallow. Carbon intensities range from 16.21 gCO2e/MJ (gutter oil) to 49.69 gCO2e/MJ (North American tallow, which is first shipped to Singapore for processing.) CARB has approved the pathways.

The average carbon intensity compliance target for 2015 under the Low Carbon Fuel Standard in California is 95.58 gCO2e/MJ.


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