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Clean Air Power awarded 1y extension to funded project with Brunel University for next-gen dual fuel system

Clean Air Power has been awarded an additional one-year extension to its 2-year funded research project with Brunel University London, aimed at developing the next generation of advanced dual-fuel combustion systems.

The research grant extension has been awarded by the UK Government’s Innovate UK organisation through its Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme. The additional funding will enable further investigation and optimization of Clean Air Power’s second-generation MicroPilot technology on heavy duty dual-fuel engines operating in advanced low-emission combustion modes.

The project is to be carried out on a modern heavy-duty research engine at Brunel University’s Centre for Advanced Powertrains and Fuels. Brunel is one of the UK’s leading universities with a world-class reputation in applied research and cooperation with industrial partners on internal combustion engines and their fuels.


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