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Honda introduces new lease options for existing and prospective Fit EV lessees

Honda is introducing new lease programs for both existing and prospective Fit EV customers in the US. For current, eligible Fit EV customers, Honda is offering a two-year lease extension that includes a lower $199 monthly payment (previously $259) and extends the unlimited mileage, routine maintenance and collision coverage that were included in the original lease.

The reduced lease price and matching two-year terms will also be available to new customers interested in driving a used Honda Fit EV.

In January and February 2015, Honda sold no Fit EVs, compared to the 63 units it sold during the same period in 2014. The company placed a total of 407 Fit EVs for the full year 2014.

The Honda Fit EV features a combined adjusted Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mile-per-gallon-equivalency rating of 118 MPGe, an EPA-rated driving range of 82 miles (132 km), and an energy-consumption rating of 29 kilowatt hours (kWh) per 100 miles. When connected to a 240-volt circuit, the Fit EV battery can be recharged in less than three hours.

Lessees will be contacted by Honda prior to lease end for additional details about lease extensions. Fit EV customers also can take advantage of Honda’s partnership with SolarCity to install solar power with no upfront cost.


Glad to see these cars on the road for a while longer. I guess Honda figured out that these folks were not going back to an ICE and would have defected to GM, Fiat or Nissan.

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