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Advanced Battery Technologies to supply Li-ion batteries for 20K Jiangsu Duke New Energy Automobile electric cars

Advanced Battery Technologies signed a strategic partnership agreement with Jiangsu Duke New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd to supply its fast charging lithium-ion batteries for Jiangsu Duke’s 20,000 electronic sports cars in 2015.

Jiangsu Duke New Energy Automobile specializes in research and development, design and manufacture of its Supercar-branded electric sports cars. Jiangsu Duke New Energy Automobile’s new energy project is authorized by the China Development and Reform Commission. It expects to produce 20,000 electric sports cars in 2015 and Advanced Battery Technologies will provide the fast charging lithium batteries for all these vehicles.

With three manufacturing subsidiaries in Harbin, Wuxi and Dongguan, China, ABAT engages in the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of rechargeable polymer lithium-ion (PLI) batteries and related Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) products.



Some of these Chinese companies no one has ever heard of, or at least I haven't, seem poised to become substantial players overnight.

It is difficult to keep track of the landscape, since the cars and companies don't get the level of review that Western ones do.

Is the Qin any good compared to Western PHEV's for instance?

I have no idea, not am I aware of where the information is in English to find out.


We may have an attitude and lack of information problem with regards to China?

Since China has the largest vehicle and battery construction base and their ultra high speed electric trains and rails have grown larger than Europe + Japan + India + USA + Korea and more, we should start to take note?

The first million BEVs and/or FCEVs may come from China by 2020 or so.?

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