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Munich Re America joins U-M research partnership on connected and automated vehicles

Munich Reinsurance America, Inc. has joined the University of Michigan’s Mobility Transformation Center (MTC) Affiliates Program—part of a major research partnership of industry, government, and academia that is laying the foundation for a commercially viable system of connected and automated vehicles. The Affiliates Program has 27 initial members from a wide range of industries.

We believe there are enormous potential benefits for consumers and business from the autonomous and connected vehicle technologies that are being researched and tested through the MTC. These vehicle technologies have the potential to save lives, reduce accidents, provide fuel economies, and improve road efficiencies. Munich Re America is partnering with our clients, industry, government agencies, and research organizations like the University of Michigan, not just to understand and manage this technology, but to find and embrace the societal and business opportunities that certainly will arise with it.

—Tony Kuczinski, President and CEO of Munich Re America

The Affiliates represent a broad range of sectors that will play a role in shaping a viable system of connected and automated vehicles, including automotive manufacturing, vehicle communication devices, chips and hardware, and insurance, as well as companies engaged in such technologies as advanced modelling, big data acquisition, and intelligent transportation systems.


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