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Report: VW e-Golf takes top EV sales spot from LEAF in W. Europe in Jan-Feb

The AID Newsletter reports that the Volkswagen e-Golf was the top-selling EV in the 17 West European markets during the first two months of 2015, ousting the Nissan LEAF from first place.

According to AID’s data, the-Golf posted 2,150 regional registration during the opening two months of this year, as compared to 1,750 units for the Nissan LEAF.

AID attributed the performance of the e-Golf to “a highly charged sales blitz in Norway”, where the e-Golf posted 1,716 units (80% of sales). Nissan LEAF posted a much lower 556 sales (32% of sales) in the important Norway market for EVs.



If you add in the sales of VW, Audi and Porsche of PHEVs then the VW group are number one, just as they said they would be, in electrification, although for the moment only in Europe.

The Empire strikes back!


The Leaf will sooooon need a major remodeling and better batteries compete?


With the Bolt and the Tesla Model 3 on the near horizon I'd be tempted to wait a few years before buying a new electric vehicle. It seems to me that Nissan will be challenged with substantially improving the vehicle in terms of range while at the same time honoring their original customers who are stuck with an inferior product.

We've seen this phenomena in the computer and smart phone sectors in the past and businesses have managed but I think it could be different with autos because they are a more substantial expenditure.

Thomas Lankester

Err, so allowing for a sales blitz in Norway, the Leaf comfortably out-sold the E-Golf in the rest of Europe.

As for upping their game, I think Nissan are already on the case..


Thomas, yep, but Nissan has no PHEVs to compete with those of the VW group, which are presently the Golf GTE and the Audi E-Tron, but with more in every conceivable size and format in the works and coming soon.

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