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Coinciding with the arrival of the all-new Golf SportWagen, currently available in dealer showrooms, Volkswagen http://media.vw.com/release/953/ that the all-wheel-drive Alltrack model will go on sale in 2016 as a 2017 model. (Earlier post.)

Technical and visual differences between the Golf SportWagen and the Alltrack include a 4MOTION all-wheel-drive system, nearly an inch higher ground clearance, wheelarch moldings and flared side sills that offer body protection, newly designed bumpers, and a more upscale interior.

The 4MOTION all-wheel drive system uses the latest generation Haldex-5 coupling, activated via an electro-hydraulic oil pump. In normal driving, the Alltrack acts like a front-wheel-drive car for better fuel economy, but as soon as the system detects wheel slip, up to 50% of the drive torque can be shipped to the rear wheels.

In addition to the Haldex coupling that acts longitudinally, electronic differential locks (EDL) at the front and rear axles act laterally in concert with the electronic stability control system. The system briefly brakes a wheel that is slipping, enabling uninterrupted and stable transfer of drive power to the wheel on the opposite side.

In combination with the higher ground clearance, this 4MOTION all-wheel drive system helps to give the newest Golf SportWagen the off-road capability and load-carrying capacity of a compact SUV along with the on-road manners and fuel economy of a compact wagon.


Nick Lyons

...but as soon as the system detects wheel slip, up to 50% of the drive torque can be shipped to the rear wheels...

That's OK, but if you drive on black ice, you really don't want to wait until one of the wheels starts to slip. I hope they include an option to turn on full-time AWD--I drove a Subaru during my years in Alaska, and having AWD constantly engaged was a very good thing at times.


I have driven a VW Passat with 4motion Haldex-4 for 10 years now in Norway. The Haldex engages so fast that I have never had a problem on black ice. The biggest problem with 4wd (haldex or permanent AWD) is that people forget that it does not give you better grip when braking. It shows on the statistics when SUV owners from the cities get out on the icy roads.

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