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Twizy two-seater EV now in Bluely car-sharing service

Twizy, Renault’s all-electric two-seater, is now available to users of the Bluely car-sharing service in Lyon. Inclusion of Renault Twizy in the Bolloré group’s car-sharing network, alongside Bolloré’s Bluecar, extends the scope of the service offered to customers. The deployment of the Twizys is the first concrete outcome of the Renault-Bolloré joint venture formed in 2014. (Earlier post.)

After the signing of the partnership agreement, Renault and Bolloré formed a joint venture with the purpose of developing full electric vehicle car-sharing solutions.

Thirty Twizys have entered service in the Bluely Lyons network. By the end of 2015, there will be 110 Twizys in the Bluely (Lyon) and Bluecub (Bordeaux) networks, along with the Bluecars.


Renault Twizy underwent two main adaptations for compatibility with the Bluely charging terminals. First, it carries a device developed by Bolloré for connecting to the subscription and call-center system of the Lyon region car-sharing service. Second, the usual Twizy charging cable is replaced by a female connector, taking the cable from the Bluely charging terminal, as for the Bluecar. The Twizy Bluely charging time is up to three and a half hours (for full charge).

The Twizy Bluely fleet will be serviced in the the Renault Retail Group’s Lyon Sud dealer network.

Renault introduced Twizy in 2012; there are now some 15,000 on the road worldwide. Twizy is driven in 40 countries.



Shared narrow micro Twizys may be one of the major solution to deal with parking, traffic density, air pollution and noise in many large European, N.A and S.A and Asian cities?

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