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Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. (EDI), a developer of plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) and continuously variable transmission (CVT) technologies spanning light- to heavy-duty classes (earlier post), has developed a new energy plug-in hybrid electric SUV for the Asian marketplace. Based on EDI’s proprietary drivetrain technology, the SUV offers the highest performance for a PHEV in its class, the company said.

The vehicle is a full-size Chinese SUV with a 2.4-liter engine that has been converted into a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). The vehicle offers an affordable price point for a PHEV in its class with full electric capability for more than 50 km (31 miles), making it eligible for government incentives.

EDI’s New Energy PHEV SUV. Click to enlarge.

EDI’s PHEV SUV is capable of driving more than 800 km (497 miles) on a single tank of gasoline, compared to the less than 600-km (373-mile) range of a standard vehicle of the same class. EDI’s PHEV SUV can be charged with a level 1 or 2 standard electric plug.

EDI will be moving into vehicle certification and durability testing next, seeking government certifications in key geographies in Asia. The company is also in discussions with several auto manufacturers for incremental development projects.

EDI has established a wholly owned foreign entity (WOFE) in Wuxi, China to support business in that geography. According to figures from the China Passenger Car Association cited by ChinaAutoWeb, the four plug-in hybrid electric vehicles currently on sale in China posted a combined 8,102 units during the first quarter of 2015, with the BYD Qin dominating sales with 6,319 units (78%). (Sales of battery-electric vehicles reached 10.981 units during the same period.)

The SUV market continues to demonstrate explosive growth in Asia and the Pacific Rim, and we consider it a prime, high-volume opportunity for EDI. We set out to develop a vehicle that goes well beyond consumer expectations, delivering an affordable PHEV SUV platform, with full-performance features. This is the first of its kind in this vehicle class.

—Joerg Ferchau, CEO of Efficient Drivetrains



We could surely use a good low-cost, long range traction battery right now so we wouldn't need to build PHEVs.


Well,most consumers in China just brought their first car of family,which means car must have long range easy to maintain.Due to the infrastructure issue,EV couldnot drive long distance.
PHEV could got subsidy and free license in some cities,That`s why Chinese consumers like it.


Dan...: point taken, thanks

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