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FEV showcasing liquid-cooled, high performance battery for PHEV applications at SAE World Congress

FEV North America will be displaying a liquid-cooled, high performance battery pack for plug-in hybrid applications. The battery will be at the 2015 SAE World Congress next week in Detroit.

Designed for use in PHEV applications, the FEV battery pack features an innovative cooling concept and a modular design that provides high power output, robustness and safety.

During operation, the battery pack provides 200 kW of peak power and 80 kW of continuous power with a stored energy content of 10.4 kWh. The pack, which uses pouch cells, has a weight of approximately 130 kg, and a volume of 80L.

The modules within the battery pack are liquid-cooled Li-Ion cells, each with nominal energy content of 1.3 kWh providing energy density of 205 Wh/L and power density of 1,500 W/L for each module. Each module weighs 13.5 kg and has a volume of 6.5L.

A novel feature of the battery design is that no coolant passes between the cells, thus preventing any leakage inside the battery housing.



A single small module (1.3 kWh/6.5L/13.5Kg) or two could be ideal for Toyota's HEVs and similasr HEVs.

Could the energy tranferred to the cooling liquid be used to control the cabin temperature directly or via a high efficiency heat pump?

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