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SAE World Congress offering technical insights into automakers’ series production fuel cell technology

Among the offerings at SAE World Congress in Detroit this week are several technical papers covering the advances in hydrogen fuel cell technologies from vehicle manufacturers in the first stage of series production FCEVs. Papers will describe modeling studies and the evaluation of components mainly in PEM fuel cell systems, hydrogen storage and hydrogen fueling. Further, directly following the technical paper session on Thursday 23 April (PFL 720), a panel of key industry members to discuss commercialization of fuel cell vehicles in PFL 799.

The two sessions will mark some of the first detailed public discussions of some of the newest fuel cell and storage technologies from OEMS, including Toyota and Hyundai.

The expert panel session, organized by Jesse Schneider from BMW, includes Robert Adler, Linde; Byung Ki Ahn, Hyundai Motor Group; Charles E. Freese, General Motors; Aaron Harris, Air Liquide America; and Justin Ward, Toyota Motor Engineering & Mfg NA.

The panel will discuss the status and remaining challenges for the wide-scale commercialization of fuel cell vehicles and the supporting infrastructure.


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