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Report: Toyota hopes for 30% hybrid take-rate by 2020 for its sales in China

The Nikkei reports that Toyota wants a 30% take-rate for hybrids out of the vehicles it will sell in China in 2020, citing remarks by Hiroji Onishi, Toyota’s top executive in the country.

Toyota will begin building hybrids in China this fall. The company also plans to release an electric vehicle in China—unique to the Chinese market—this year through its joint venture with GAC Group.

Prius made its Chinese debut in 2005 and was followed in 2010 by a hybrid version of the Camry. Toyota has sold only around 90,000 hybrids in China so far.



A 30% share of the Chinese Hybrid market looks like a lot but it would depend on the HEV/PHEV/BEV market penetration.

China may maintain and increase current subsidies in specific market places to reduce local pollution level. Electrified vehicles may become a major market.

Toyota and local partners could certainly gain market share.


A product like i road will creat a huge market in India but Toyota is too slow compared to German companies. Products like i road will go long way in reducing pollution,conjestion.

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