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TEGA GmbH, a subsidiary of The Linde Group, has signed an agreement with A. S. Trust & Holdings, Inc. to blend the low global warming potential, ASHRAE-listed hydrocarbon refrigerants HCR188C/R441A (a replacement for R134A) and HCR188C/R443A (a replacement for R22). TEGA, based in Wurzburg, Germany, will have exclusive blending rights within the European Union. Work is underway for the TEGA blending facility to be ETL safety certified by Intertek Germany for this production; the company expects to go into production within 30 days.

HCR188C/R441A and HCR188C/R443A are both patented and trademarked zero-ozone-depleting/extremely low global-warming-potential (GWP) hydrocarbon blends. Their formulations were developed over the past fifteen years by Hawaii businessman and inventor, Richard Maruya, of A.S. Trust & Holdings.

HCR188C/R441 is made from all naturally occurring substances approved for common use, including ethane, propane, isobutane and butane. The key element to the performance is the exact proportions of these components. This substance can be used independently of CFCs and HFCs/HCFCs, and its cooling efficiency is such that compared to a full charge of the CFC R12, just one-quarter the mass of R441/HCR188C is needed in a refrigerator or automotive air-conditioning system. Similar results hold compared to the high-GWP formula HFC R134a.

A major safety improvement of R441/HCR188C over current HCs lies in its reduced charge rate compared to common propane/butane combinations. Another problem with current HFCs is decomposition upon leakage, which causes the HFC to become less efficient and require more frequent replacement. R441/HCR188C retains its cooling properties, extending the lifetime of the unit. A.S. Trust & Holdings has been using R441/HCR188C for automotive and refrigerator cooling for more than ten years.

HCR188C/R441A has been listed on the US Federal Register for use in vending machines, household models of refrigerators, stand-alone freezers and window-air-conditioners, and commercial models of refrigerators, freezers and stand-alone refrigerated display cases. Applications have been submitted for additional uses, including mobile air-conditioning systems (MAC) for vehicles, refrigerated transport (refrigerated trucks and shipping containers), and residential models of heat-pumps, portable room air-conditioners and split-system air-conditioning units.

TEGA is ISO 9001:2008 certified, and is one of the main distributors for flammable and non-flammable refrigerants in Europe.


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