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GM investing $5.4B in US plant improvements over next 3 years

General Motors will invest $5.4 billion in US plant improvements over the next three years; an initial $783.5 million is headed for three Michigan facilities.

  • $124 million for Pontiac Metal Center;
  • $520 million for tooling and equipment for future new vehicle programs at the Lansing Delta Township assembly plant;< and/li>
  • $139.5 million for a new body shop and stamping facility upgrades at Pre-Production Operations in Warren.

All major body panel dies will be pre-tested in Pontiac under regular production conditions, enabling stamping plants to produce quality parts in shorter time; pre-production vehicles in Warren will surface issues long before regular production begins; and new products in Lansing will be among the best the company has built, said said Cathy Clegg, vice president of GM North America Manufacturing.

The $5.4-billion new investment translates to GM investing in US operations about $5 million a day or $150 million every month for the next three years.


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