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Report: Toyota and Mazda heading toward partnership on green technologies

The Nikkei reports that Toyota Motor and Mazda Motor are negotiating a partnership on eco-friendly technology. According to the report, Toyota will supply fuel cell and plug-in-hybrid technology, while Mazda will offer its Skyactiv technologies.

The automakers will also consider cooperating in other areas, including procurement of commercial vehicles from the Toyota group and joint purchasing of parts, the report said.

The two have partnered before; Toyota provided hybrid technology to Mazda in 2010, and in 2012, Mazda agreed to supply subcompact cars to Toyota.



Excellent idea. There are no needs to re-invent the wheel 20+ times?


a: I agree, it is a good idea.

b: It is worth maintaining diversity of approach. Even very large companies like Toyota can get into a rut and put all the energy in one direction, ignoring others.
Thus Toyota has fuel cells (which I am not keen on) (and PHEV, which I am), and Mazda has Skyactiv, which is a very good ICE technology.
It makes sense for each company to keep developing their own sides, but share in the exploitation (like Renault and Nissan).

Also, the Toyota ICE engineers may have a few comments on the Skyactiv and improve it further.

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