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Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks have won more than 90% of 1000 Fuel Duels in Europe. The “Fuel Duel” fuel-consumption comparison test of Mercedes-Benz Trucks takes place in 22 countries in Europe, with 90 Actros trucks are on the road—predominantly tractor units of models 1842 LS and 1845 LS with Euro VI emission control technology. The fuel consumption advantage over competitors is about 10.5% on average.

The first fuel-consumption comparison test got under way in the Netherlands about two and half years ago. The conditions remain unchanged: the Mercedes-Benz Actros takes on the jobs of a competitor vehicle in a fleet and handles its loads and routes for two weeks. The driver receives an in-depth briefing in advance and is initially accompanied by a professional trainer or an experienced member of the Mercedes-Benz Trucks sales team. Afterwards, the driver performs his usual jobs with the Actros by himself, supported by the FleetBoard telematics system.

Among other things, the Actros trucks are equipped with the streamlined StreamSpace cab for extremely low drag and low fuel consumption, as well as with the Mercedes PowerShift “economy” driving program, which supports a particularly economical driving style.

The trucks are all are powered by BlueTec 6 engines, which in conjunction with the standard-specification long final drives deliver extra torque in 12th gear when needed. The anticipatory cruise control system Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) and the FleetBoard telematics system also support an economical driving style.

Other features include the radiator shutters, which improve drag when closed and consequently help save fuel and the two-stage water pump, which is standard equipment on every Actros truck. As a special feature, the Actros trucks in the Fuel Duel sport prominent campaign decals, which were designed specifically for the comparison.


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