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Open source street legal EV, powered by hub motors

An open source project is building an all-electric street vehicle powered by hub motors. Target single-charge range for the Luka EV is 300 km (186 miles), with a top speed of 130 km/h (81 mph) and a price below €20,000 (US$22,445).


Project aims include quick design and build (less than a year). The project team is using design bodywork from gaming, converted to a Solidworks file. The body is fabricated using FRP (fiberglass); The solidworks file provides the basis for a full-size foam model.

The car uses a relatively simple ladder frame and roll cage hybrid chassis configuration. Two battery pack configurations are under consideration: 19.2 kWh & 24 kWh LiFePo4Mh.



Evokes fond memories to the Triumph Spitfire. Had contemplated in the past to electrify one as a second vehicle.

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